Title: Rediscovering A Woman’s Purpose
Subtitle: An Old Testament Survey for Men and Women
Host: Beth Domsten
Speaker: Luisa Rodriguez
Date/Time: Wednesday, March 22, 2022 @ 3 pm Eastern

Do we fully understand woman’s purpose on the earth according to God’s original design and plan?

Over the decades of history, so many different philosophies of the worth and function of women have been adopted.

But so many of those opinions have been just that — opinions that have not accurately reflected the heart of God and His plan, even though they were promoted as such.

What does the Word actually say about womankind?

Old Testament scriptures provide a solid foundation for understanding Biblical womanhood, particularly three main sections of scripture…

  • The Image of God (Genesis 1:26-28) These verses make the connection between the phrase “in the image of God” and having dominion over creation. The idea of dominion is relevant to both men and women and speaks of a shared responsibility for stewardship over God’s creation.
  • A Mans Helper (Genesis 2:18) God further defines a woman’s purpose to be “a helper suitable for him.” Rather than accept our modern interpretations of this term, we will explore the original Hebrew to uncover how God uses this word in a very specific way and discover some fascinating insights into God’s design for women.

  • The” Ideal” Woman (Proverbs 31) This much quoted chapter has been cited countless times as the example of the perfect, virtuous wife. God, however, uses some interesting military imagery throughout the passage that enlightens and enhances what has been our view on the role of woman.

These three sections of Scripture help lay the groundwork for understanding Biblical womanhood and also the foundation for a more accurate Biblical interpretation of the New Testament. It doesn’t subtract from a man’s role as the head of his wife, for example, but it certainly elevates woman to both her benefit, and man’s—but all for God’s glory.

If you are interested in rediscovering a woman’s purpose, you will not want to miss this webinar!


About Luisa Rodriguez

Luisa is the wife of a retired Marine and a mom to two girls. She is the creator and writer of FruitfullyLiving.com, a website that helps women understand their God-given roles and purpose according to Scriptures. She is also the creator and writer for BiblicalWarfare.com.

Also an author, Luisa’s books include A Royal Mission, a Christian fairytale that teaches young girls about identity and purpose;  Preparing Our Daughters for Puberty, a mother-daughter Bible study; and Holy Boundaries: Sexuality Bible Study for Teens and Parents. She is also the creator and designer of numerous notebooks and journals.