Title: Cyclone Freddy Relief
Subtitle: How You Can Help Affected Families and Villages in Malawi
Host: Beth Domsten
Speaker: Bupe Mike Mwampeta
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 @ 2 pm Eastern

Beginning in February, Cyclone Freddy made landfall in Malawi for over a month, leaving the country with vast amounts of devastation to both its people and the land.

Leading up to this event, the country had experienced a rainy season, making it more susceptible to flooding and damage. During the cyclone, people of all ages were swept away by raging waters or were buried under landslides.

The destruction of Cyclone Freddy has left the Malawian people without homes, clean water, and basic necessities. While the government is doing its best to assist those affected, many people in villages still need assistance.

Bupe and his team at Canaan International Ministries are regularly sought after by regional chiefs in times of need and support, as they are actively involved in building homes, supporting widows, completing hand-dug water wells, and teaching and equipping pastors and leaders in remote villages.

Bupe and his wife, Esther, are passionate about helping the needy where they live, as they experienced great need growing up in orphanages. It was there that they learned the concept of family and how important it is to make a godly difference in the lives of those who have so little. They are very grateful to God for the many missionaries from America and other countries that have journeyed with them sharing love, time, and resources with the precious people of Malawi.

You can make a difference by joining us in this webinar and learning about the current situation in Malawi. You may also donate to The Justice Network, and your contribution will go towards helping the people in Malawi.

During this webinar, you will learn about…

  • The aftermath of Cyclone Freddy and its effects in Malawi
  • What is currently going on in the country
  • What people in the affected villages need
  • What Bupe and his team are doing to help
  • How you can help Malawi in this time

Lets come together to support the people of Malawi during this difficult time and make a positive impact!

About Bupe Mwampeta

Bupe Mike Mwampeta and his wife Esther and their little daughter Cindy live in Malawi, Africa; also known as the Warm Heart of Africa. Bupe has a pastor’s heart and spends great amounts of time caring for the people of Malawi.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management and serves as the administrator of Canaan International Ministries. The ministry emphasizes on building homes and supporting widows, completing hand dug water wells in villages that lack clean available water, and teaching and equipping pastors and leaders that live in remote/regional villages of the country so that the Gospel is proclaimed to those who are not saved.