What it entails

    • Homelessness can be defined as being without a permanent home/dwelling. 
    • Reasons people experience homelessness are:

      • Mental illness

      • Domestic abuse

      • Long-term illness

      • Under employment

      • Lifestyle choices

      • Lack of affordable housing


      Why it matters

      • Isaiah 58:7, Proverbs 19:17, 1 John 3:17-18, Matthew 25:35
      • Having a home provides stability, protection and dignity
      • Children who don’t have a stable environment are less likely to be successful. They can’t focus and are often withdrawn.


      What we can do

        • Advocate for more affordable housing in your community.
        • If you have an available room, apartment or house for rent, be willing to partner with nonprofits to rent to families or individuals at an affordable rate.
        • Become a champion for those experiencing homelessness by learning all you can and engaging your churches, jobs and other social networks to bring awareness.
        • Host fundraisers to benefit a nonprofit reaching those experiencing homelessness.
        • Start a drive for different practical items that shelters need to serve the needy.
        • Participate in a homelessness experience where you actually spend the day/night with the homeless (eg. National Community Church in DC and YWAM San Diego)
        • Volunteer in a soup kitchen and sit down with someone experiencing homelessness to learn their story.
        • Educate the next generation and model the Gospel 
        • Lobby for better public policy (see Prager U video below) 

        Good resource is The Dream Center Network – www.thedcnetwork.org