(by Lyndon Domsten) We are living in a great time to savor daily encounters of revelation and experiences from God.  The moments that especially draw my attention to God; the encounters that capture my heart most, are when He exposes darkness and renders perfect justice through His faithful servants.   Those awesome filled moments in life are motivational markers for me to look back on and help strengthen my grit.  It’s the kind of justice that God looks for to hang His promises on.  The impressionable moments in witnessing a brother or sister in Christ living full bore on justice as their means to worship Almighty God are mental keepsakes.

RG Ingersoll made this truth statement, “Justice is the only worship.”  I wonder just how convinced some of us have become regarding what God truly wants from our worship.  Generally we seek God’s blessings for ourselves and lack the fortitude in making ourselves a blessing to those in need around us and to those who are recipients of injustice. If we say we love God but walk right past someone who we could help with what we have and do nothing, then we don’t really harbor an understanding of God‘s love. Justice is a primary worship God desires. 

Isaiah, a true statesman for justice, exposed the realities of God’s sovereign conditions for true worship.  He shares in Isaiah 58 that, if we share with the hungry, clothe the poor, not hide ourselves from the needy and satisfy the afflicted…then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear, then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard…your light shall rise in the darkness in your gloom will be like mid day.  

Isaiah addressed a faulty pattern of worship with the nation of Israel.  When they would pray and sincerely want a personal relationship with God, to restore their nation and families, it was expected that their prayers would change their behaviors first and foremost.  When we pray for justice in our nation, expect change when we change.  Be confident in His promise that your light shall rise in the darkness as you take radical steps in justice to worship the Father.