Title: Caught in Conflict
Subtitle: God’s Heart for Orphans and Widows
Host: Beth Domsten
Speaker: Marcus Young
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 @ 4 pm Eastern

Redemptive, determined hope is ever at work, even in the darkest hours of history. 

Jesus promised the last days would be full of wars and rumors of war. It is clear we are in those days now.

From the war in Ukraine to less publicized conflicts between nations, tribes, and peoples, we are living in days of devastating violence and division. But as shocking as images of war-torn cities and bombed-out shelters can be, there is another less visible tragedy—the war-ravaged lives of the children caught in the crosshairs.

As you read these words, millions are being displaced in Ukraine. We do not yet know the count of orphans and widows that this war will produce.

And that’s just from the conflict front and center in today’s news cycle.

What should we as God’s people be doing about this?

These events and their toll on the human condition are not new. In fact, God has a lot to say about how we should respond.

Marcus Young has been wrestling with these issues and walking out solutions for widows, orphans, child soldiers, and the victims of human trafficking in some of the darkest regions of violence and conflict.

What he has discovered is deep intimacy with the beautiful heart of God for the orphan and the widow that he wants to share with you in our next Justice Network webinar on May 24, at 4 pm ET (New York Time).

In this session, you will learn why orphans and widows are so important to God. Examine the spiritual dynamics that are at work and gain a big-picture perspective on how to navigate these arenas so that you can advance the kingdom effectively. 

You will also take a deep dive into the problem of violence and how it is used to build nations and then view Jesus’ very antithetical way of nation-building to bring His glorious kingdom.

In this webinar, you will…

  • Peer into the beautiful heart of God for the orphan and widow.
  • Understand why the orphan and widow are so important to God. 
  • Examine three spiritual powers that control our world and exploit the human trafficking space.
  • Obtain a good roadmap to navigate the justice issues exploding in the world all around us

If you are looking for relevant insights into God’s heart of justice and a macro understanding of the world, be prepared for a life-changing time!   

Come ready to gain a fantastic understanding of how you can demonstrate the heart of God powerfully!


About Marcus Young

Marcus comes from a tradition of 125 years of missions’ history in Southeast Asia. His work thru INfire includes developing a mission to one of the largest drug cartels and pioneering the first child-soldier rescue efforts in Myanmar. He is passionate about building strategies from Biblical paradigms and mobilizing God’s people to live the counter-intuitive approach of “loving your enemies.”

Marcus believes loving enemies is an essential foundation for the next major awaking of the church. This unique approach has equipped God’s people to expand the kingdom through reconciliatory acts of service to the “worst of these” like drug lords and rebel army leaders. It also empowers the “least of these” like child combatants and their communities trapped in conflict zones. Marcus has 27 years of professional experience working in challenging regions. He holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and is a certified business consultant.