Sex trafficking

Sex Trafficking

 What it entails:

    • Sex Trafficking is a federal crime in which force, fraud or coercion is used to compel a person to perform commercial sex.
    • It affects all populations and all economic classes.
      (US Department of Defense –
    • Traffickers find victims through various means and lure victims through promises of protection, love, home and opportunity.

    Why it matters:

      • God created us from His perfect love, that we might love Him and love others.
      • We are made in his image and it breaks his heart.
      • We are called to protect the young and the innocent of this world as they are precious to him and not as possessions or a way of making money.
        (Luke 17:1-2, Matthew 18: 1-5, Psalm 103:13, Isaiah 49:15-16)
      • The victims are oftentimes people who we are called to care for and instead are mentally, emotionally and physically abused. 

    What we can do:

      • As a solution to ending this business, we need to prepare our youth with practical ways of recognizing the predators.
      • Educate your kids about human trafficking that it exists, what it looks like, and to talk to a responsible adult if they think they see it. ( more suggestions can be found ~ ‘IN OUR BACKYARD human trafficking in America and how we can stop it’ By Nita Belles.
      • Social Programming We can partner with local experts, community leaders and businesses that understand the root and causes of slavery in the region.
      • Provide direct services including food, shelter, education, and healthcare to those affected by modern day slavery and exploitation.
      • Find out “Why are people in a certain place susceptible to slavery?”
      • Create businesses and social enterprises that generate sustainable, fair-wage jobs in the region. All above suggestions taken from