Core Values: 


J – Jesus, Joy, Justice

U – Unity, Uphold

S – Sanctity of Life, Safety, Serve

T – Truth, Trustworthy

 I – Integrity, Involvement 

C – Compassion, Children

E – Empower, Empathy


N – Nurture Life and Networks

E – Educate, Equip

T – Thankful

W – Word of God, Worship, Wisdom

O – Obedience, Overcome

R – Rescue, Respect, Restore Freedom

K – Kingdom, Kindness

S – Salvation, Supremacy of Christ


C – Cross, Character, Charitable

R Restoration, Relationships

E – Encourage, Endurance

A – Accountability, Advocacy

T – Teamwork, Transformation

E – Excellence, Engage


H – Holy Spirit, Honor, Humility, Healing, Hope

O – Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Father 

P – Prayer, Peace, Patience, Persistent, Passion

E – Emulate Jesus’ Love